Chinese porcelain Figures - Qianlong?

Started by JjGhandi, Mar 17, 2020, 13:22:16

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I came across these porcelain figures.

They should represent a court? Is that correct?
Are they Qianlong?

Can anyone identify the mark underneath?




No, the one you show the bottom off mentions Qianlong in the mark. That might be the person depicted.
There is also a "Fujian Huiguan", which is an association that appears to have existed from the early republic until at least the third quarter of the 20th century.


Hi Peter,

Thanks for the insight!

I can't really find much on 'Fujian Huiguan' except for a ceramic budai which indeed bares the same mark.

Thanks again!


It is difficult to find much information even in Chinese. Not sure why... There were several such associations. Fujian means Fujian province; there were (or still are) several such associations as far as I know, all with different purposes. Fujian Huiguan marks are found on early republic and later porcelain, but also on some Yixing wares.