Blue & White Vase, Republic?

Started by tipton444, Feb 28, 2020, 03:50:57

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Hey guys,

Hope everyone's doing great.  I recently acquired some interesting pieces and would love to get some opinions on them.  This vase is an odd shape to me, but it has an incredibly beautiful look and simple design.  I haven't seen anything like it, but it kind of reminds me of some higher end designer Republic porcelain like Wang Bu style but I'm guessing it is not.  It does have some wear to the mouth and foot, and it does show some small bubbles in the glaze, so how old do you think it could be?  Or is it just a well made modern piece?  I also have a brush pot that I got at the same time that's somewhat similar.  Thanks for any input!



More pics of back and foot


And here is the brush pot..?  It looks like it may have had a lid but I've never seen a biscuit jar like that so I don't know.  They both have that light blueish tinge to the glaze, and the cobalt is really dark blue.  This pot shows quite a bit of wear and scratches towards the bottom which you can't really see in the pictures too much.


and last pics of mouth and foot


Hi Tipton, the bottle looks like a Sockeye bottle " with a Japanese decoration, the other looks Chinese but I can't say  if it is old or not, I like the Sockeye bottle very nice unusual shape.


Both look Japanese. The bottle is most typical, but could not tell if it is antique or not.
The other with the missing lid could have been used  for storing tea, judging by its appearance. If this was Chinese, it would have to be modern. The shape with a lid is not a traditional type of workmanship in China. But the style of landscape pointing is also not typical old Chinese. Please be aware that the motif can be Chinese, but the painting style is not.


Japanese makes a lot more sense now.  Interesting that it could have been for storing tea.  I was doing more research and came across a few similar Hirado pieces, including a mizusashi for storing water.  Very interesting, glad to have learned.  Thank you both very much.