Clair de Lune Vase

Started by tipton444, Jan 27, 2020, 06:21:48

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Hello all,

I just acquired this incredibly beautiful clair de lune vase, and would love to get everyone's opinion.  I believe the seal marking on the bottom is for Yongzheng, but I'm not sure.... I can't seem to find this exact mark on the web yet, just similar ones.  The last and fourth character seem to be different from the usual Yongzheng seal script Qing Period make marks, so any idea what it says?  The quality of this vase is so good that I'm hoping it is indeed 19th century at least.  I was the first dealer to lay hands on it, as it came straight out of a house.  What do you guys think?  Everything else seems right, the glaze, shape, size of 11.75", mask handles, glaze stopping at the foot, etc... There is quite a bit of orange peel or glaze skip spots on the inside of the bottom, is that something that can help identify age or pretty common with all porcelain since its meant to be unseen.  Thanks for any input Peter and Stan!


Marks of bottom


It is a zhuanti Yongzheng mark, but the main mark character style in that reign was kaiti characters, also zhuanti also was used sometimes. May be from a private kiln and/or later. Indeed, the glaze is beautiful.


Thanks Peter, I was wondering why the mark was so different.  Someone else told me it was a variation of the Yongzheng mark seen a lot in the 19th century, but putting a name "Zhuanti" really helps.