Qianjiang vase

Started by Adriano, Mar 26, 2020, 18:15:43

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I would like to buy this vase, but I am not sure if it is of period or a later copy.
The outlines look me brown, instead of black that normally are.
The hair is dark brown and not black.
The vase look quite new, apart some spots of rust.
Please let me know your opinion,
Thank you.


more pictures


Early republic period, in my view. The hairstyle is also typical for that time.
If you could upload a picture of the writing, to the extreme left, it might be possible to check if there is a cyclical year given.


I have not buy the vase yet.
These are the only pictures I have from vendor.
I will buy it if I can agree a reasonable price, afterwards I will post pictures for check the year.
Thank you Peter.