Horse bowl

Started by luisp, Dec 23, 2019, 19:21:58

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Hello there, been trying to figure out what's this. Sorry but I only have this photo so far, just trying to find out from the style..


Never saw this decoration either on Chinese or Japanese porcelain. Let's see if someone else recognizes it.


Thanks for your reply! I posted here because someone said it might be Arita ware. I just can't figure it out:)
hopefuly someone can.


I've never seen this decoration on Arita ware or on anything Japanese, the decoration is very low quality.


Basically, horses as decoration on Far Eastern wares are rare...the reason probably is because the horse was only used by the upper classes. Farmers used buffaloes or oxen to work the fields. Common people traveled on foot while those who could afford it used palanquins, in China.