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Started by konniela, Dec 20, 2019, 16:15:41

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I wonder, if this is an authenic armorial plate, 18.century. I found similar pieces (made for the grimaldi family ?), but here the colours are much brighter, so I am not sure. The diameter is 28 cm.



More photos


The foot rim corresponds to 18th century. Unless some book specialized on armorial can explain the difference the only we can do it assume it is the same. Differences in color intensity can be the result of different batches being made, or be due to different location in the kiln, resulting in different firing temperatures, etc.
That is about all we tell say from these pictures, I'm afraid. Looks normal to me.


I could not reach the forum yesterday evening.
The foot rim looks allright, the decoration is the same and your explanation, where the differences in color may comes from, is comprehensible.
I found a similar plate (a little larger), also with this bright colours, on a past Christies auction, this is a good sign, too.  So I will try to buy it.

Thanks once more