Sang de boeuf vase with Kangxi mark

Started by JjGhandi, Dec 18, 2019, 04:42:10

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Hello everyone,

I saw this sang the boeuf vase for sale but I've got some remarks about its authenticity.
Firstly, the inside of the vase is covered in the red glaze. Most of the sang de boeuf items I have seen have a white glaze on the inside.
Secondly, the rust spots at the bottom seem to be too much. I can't see them on the photos anywhere else.
Lastly, the glaze doesn't seem to end just before the top and/or the bottom. It doesn't seem to be the case with every sang de boeuf but it often is.

What do you guys think?
Is my analysis somewhat correct or are there other points I'm missing or is this a genuine piece?

Pics can be found here:

Thanks in advance for your reply!

Kind regard,


A sang-do-boeuf should be all red.  This is a strange glaze color with this yellowish brown sprinkling. If the color were green it would be more likely.
A base of the Kangxi reign would not have that many spots. In the three-reigns period (Kangxi-Qianlong) quality was at its best.
Also, the brown color of the foot rim looks unnatural; it is frequently applied to fake age, but real dirt does not look like this. I would stay away.


Thanks peter, great advise.

Is it common that a sang de boeuf item has a red glaze on the inner side as well?
I thought that was an indication as well.