Small b/w plate , possible

Started by heavenguy, Nov 27, 2019, 12:07:35

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Hi guys, long time since I posted.

I was in this estate sale from this person with a. huge collection of plates. I been trying to research all but still I'm lacking the experience but at least I'm not buying the obvious fakes anymore.. By the way, I just got your book online on apple books. it is nice to hold it on the tablet. anyways,

This small plate is about 15 cm in diameter. it has this opaque blue. it looks like kraak ware from the wanli but what really bothers me is that single line on the bottom. any clues? thank you in advance.


more pics showing the single blue line on the bottom


Looks old but I'm afraid it is not of Chinese origin. The decoration, and especially the mark and underside are not late Ming or Chinese. Perhaps Japanese, but not sure.


This is Japanese Arita, the foot is an early 20th century foot.


You guys are right. I saw one auction on Christie's that says that Japanese kraak style ware was made in the 18th century and it was made for the dutch east India company, I don't know if you can confirm this Stan


Hi Heavenguy, the early Japanese Kraak style porcelain looked just like the Ming Kraak it is sometime hard to tell them apart, the foot rim on this one is later im my opinion.


thank you all. very nice of you all like always.