Japanese? Set of 5 blue/white signed trays

Started by tipton444, Nov 11, 2019, 02:06:30

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I'm going to be selling these for a friend, but I wanted to learn more about them first.  I'm guessing they are not that old...maybe mid century?  The red signature looks Japanese to me, is that correct?  Any idea what it says?  Or what the mark on the bottom says?  Thanks for the helps guys.


This is from Japan. The red mark is from Arita Hizen and the mark on the bottom is Arita Ken (Qianlong). When I am right, both were used in 19.century, but I do not know, if they can be on later pieces too. 


The decoration style is unknown to me, but I find the red mark intriguing. I just do not recognize anything as being a Chinese (Kanji) or Japanese character in this mark, but it looks like Korean syllables...but it might be an accident.
(A long time ago I also learned Korean characters)


Nice dishes, The Japanese did use these marks, the blue mark is the japanese version of the Qianlong period, Im not sure about the red mark, the ones that I have seen with this mark is usually by it self, the kenryu mark was used in the late Edo period, 1780 - 1860


Very interesting, guess I was wrong about the age.  Very glad I posted pictures here, you guys have been great.  I started looking at more pieces with the red arita hizen mark, and they all seem to be slightly different.  There's a circle in mine, does that mean anything different, or just another way of writing the same thing perhaps?  Quite a few I saw said they were from the Meiji period, but the bottom kenryu mark was used during the Edo period?  Must be somewhere in between.  Thanks!