Large Yellow Rouleau Bird Vase w/ Mark

Started by tipton444, Nov 11, 2019, 01:48:53

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Hello my friends,

I just got this interesting Chinese rouleau vase and it has a mark I've never seen before.  It was with other antique items, and it definitely looks to have some decent age, so I'm hoping it does but don't know for sure.  You can see quite a bit of wear to the enamels, where some parts of the flowers have fallen off over time... I can't imagine something like that would happen quickly.  The vase is quite large, measuring 14.25" inches tall, and it has some decent detail (not perfect shading to the flowers but some at least).  There's a bit of orange peel and some random blisters as well.  Any idea how old it may be?  Thanks!


Mark on bottom

By the way, what tools do you guys use to resize images? If I go under 200kb I get super blurry pics, so i have to make 3 posts.



to me birds looks similar to those I have seen on japanese plates, so I think this vase is made in Japan in 20,century


I do not know what or from when/where this is, but if it was Chinese it would probably fairly late in the 20th century. The colors and color combinations used here have nothing to do with traditional Chinese.