Xianfeng M&P?

Started by Pablo82, Oct 20, 2019, 04:11:25

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Hi Peter and Stan,

Please your opinion on this my last purchase. Could It be M&P?

Thank you very much in advance.


The bowl looks old, but I supect the decoration Is new.


If looking at the decoration alone I would think late Qing (about Guangxu), but the mark is a problem.

Genuine Xianfeng marked items are few due to the shortness of the reign and the fact that Jingdezhen has been affected by strife, during the previous reign.
Many marks were in zhuanti style rather than kaiti, but the second character ? shows a hook below the two dots. While that is correct, it is common knowledge here that in that period of the Qing dynasty the hand-written marks would have just an upward stroke (as in the font above). Thus, it may or may not mean to be later. And black is seldom found on fencai decorations of the late Qing period.
I could only say late Qing or early republic period. Impossible to be sure which.