Song Wine Jar? White ish/ brown

Started by smak, Sep 26, 2019, 21:41:13

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Hi All,

Need your take on this piece!

WHen was this made?


23 inches tall!

Possibly Northern Ming Dynasty Cizhou?


Looks indeed like Cizhou ware. If it were Song I would expect a foot rim.
What do you mean with Northern Ming?
Have a look at this one (top):
It is said to be  Jin dynasty.
Similar painting style and features, and similar bottom as yours. But as in those pictures yours has probably an almost imperceptibly low foot rim or slightly indented bottom, judging by the fact that the grit is adhering only long the circumference. If the bottom was completely flat it would possibly be Yuan.


Thanks Peterp,

There are some similarities! In your opinion its more likely from Yuan Dynasty correct?


Probably Jin, as that web page says,,,