Jar with powder blue ground and gold decoration

Started by Stan, Sep 22, 2019, 04:24:58

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Hi Peter, here is a recent find at an antique shop, I believe it is late Qing Guangxu period, it stands at 25.4 cm tall and is of high quality the decoration is nicely painted in gold, the bottom is a little wavy could it be Qianlong, the mark on the bottom makes me think Kangxi revival in the Guangxi period.


Here are the last two photo's, thanks for viewing.


Guangxu. Good find. I think that it has been put to use as a lamp is the only reason that the gilt is preserved nicely.  Most such items have left only perhaps 50% or less of it left due to handling.

(Please also compare this blue glaze to the other one. This type is more frequent.)