Baluster vases

Started by Pablo82, Sep 22, 2019, 02:14:00

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Hi Peter, Stan and members,

I wonder if these two could be late Qing or earlier. Your expert opinion is very appreciated. Thank you very much


Hi Pablo, the shape looks like Japanese and some of the decoration esp. the band around the lower part of the vase, lets see what Peter says.


This deviates a bit from traditional Chinese shapes, the foot rim is too high for Chinese vases, and the blue color too bright. Are you sure that the floral contours are not transfer printed and then some hand-painting used for filling the rest in?


Thank you for your answers. Peter, the floral contours looks hand painted to me, but I could be wrong. Maybe the shape is a bit distorted by the wide angle because the vases are small (17 cm) and the photo of the two is close up. I made It late in the evening and also real colors are different. I'll try to post better images taking them with a reflex .



More. The spot under the top rim looks like a sort of rust.