Blue/White Porcelain Tea Pot with Rigid Handle and worn decoration

Started by elizabeth, Sep 08, 2019, 05:07:23

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Hello Again fellow posters.  Again I am asking for expert advice.  Been holding on to this tea pot a while trying to find a like item as a reference but no luck so far.  It is unusual and not so fancy.  I don't know if it is old.  There are a few thing that concern me.  There is some sloped over white glaze on the bottom.  The mark is faded and has some missing pieces in the lines. It appears to be over the glaze.  So maybe it is normal wear.  However how can the mark be worn if it actually does not tough the surface of a table.  Plus in the decoration there are broken lines with heavier and lighter areas.  Not even paint... Plus some wear spots.  Although the handle appears to not have any of those issues.  There are a few small blisters here and there.  Any even fewer pock marks.  The line around to top of the shoulders of the vessel is uneven.  The surface is not smooth...which would make sense if the decoration is applied on top of the glaze.  The porcelain inside the the pot and lid is rough.    So can anyone give me an idea of what I have here?    I will so appreciate any comments.


Here are the pictures that I failed to add correctly in my post


This looks relatively modern, the bottom mark is printed and the decoration looks modern as well.


That is what I thought too.  But just had some wishful thinking.