Small bottle with lug

Started by dn1219, Sep 02, 2019, 03:25:05

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Dear all,

can someone help me to identify this small oil bottle or water bottle for ink more detailed ?

Should be China propably Qing Dynasty,  but which period and place of origin?
Hopefully it's origin and not a modern fake.
The height is 11cm and diameter 9cm.
Many thanks


I believe this is Ming, but it has been reglazed at a much later date, probably in the 20th century.


I agree with Stan. I would think about transitional period, that is late Ming to early Qing, but the glaze is a bit off for that period. This is possibly an oil jar.


Dear both,

thanks for the information.
Never heard about reglazed parts, was it made in order to safe or use the parts constantly ?
However the glaze has some deep pore and small cracks, but good to hear about the original age.

Thank you again