Blanc de Chine?

Started by calder, Aug 27, 2019, 04:34:06

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This I have not come across before.
Blue decoration on the inside with moulding on the outside.
Any ideas?
Thank you in advance.


Its more of a white glaze rather than Blanc de Chine type wares.
with molded prunus blossom and bamboo.


Hi Calder, looks as if it was from Jingdezhen rather than made at Dehua kiln, which is the origin of Blanc-de-Chine wares.
Is there a tint of celadon in the exterior glaze?
As it is difficult to see the white decoration clearly I can only guess from the blue interior decoration that it is likely mid-Qing to early 19th century.
I rarely see something like this from that period. It might not be export porcelain. It would be interesting to know if the decoration is white enamel that then was over-glazed, or if it was made by impression in a mold.


Hi Peter,Thank you for getting back to me.
Yes, I would say there is a slight hint of celadon.
The glaze is quite thick.

Never seen one similar to compare.