Large celadon baluster vase with cut of neck

Started by Rec, Jul 16, 2019, 00:37:13

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Hi guys
I need your help with this celadon vase with cobalt blue decoration. The vase shows aging signs; part of the inside is unglazed.
this vase was used as a lamp and it appears that a  part of the neck has been is shortened. Maybe because it was damaged or maybe because  it's a fake
What's your expert opinion ? Is this a genuine piece from sing dynasty or it's a fake


It looks to be real, its common that they are cut due to damages. I have a different piece that has the samething.


The double lion's ears decoration on the neck make it perhaps about mid 19th century, although the decoration looks more like Guangxu to me. And yes, the top of the neck/mouth have been cut off.