Cup and saucers

Started by konniela, Jun 15, 2019, 21:30:02

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Hello everybody,

I do not know, what I should think about this cup and two saucers. The mark seems to be Hichozan, but twice ? Were these pieces painted a second time ?  Looks mysterious


Hi Konniela, I am in the process of relocating and most of my books are in storage and have been for several months now, I would focus on the under glazed blue mark, the over glazed red mark was added later, this is why i do not like the over glazed red marks because they could have been added at any time, the under glazed blue mark was added when it was made, I would say this could be Edo period to early Meiji from the colors, maybe someone can identify the mark and give us more to go on, I am hoping to be in my new location in Washington State by next month and then I will have access to all my books again.


Thank you, I will try to find out, what the blue mark can be.  All the best for your relocation.