Kangxi bowl real or good fake

Started by Stan, Jun 15, 2019, 02:28:47

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Hi Peter and all, I won this at a local auction it came with another piece, after taking pictures I noticed that this has been repaired, the repair is so good I almost did not catch it before sending these photos, is the shape and glaze, kangxi I think it is a peach bloom glaze but not sure about that, your expertise is appreciated.


Here are the last 3 photo's, thanks for your help, the size is 6.35 cm tall and the diameter is 13.97 cm, the top edge has been repaired their are several areas at the top that can be seen very slightly the best repair I have seen you really have to look for it, I did not know that it had been repaired until after I bought it.


I don't remember having this type of glaze ever seen on such an item. Mostly it appears on porcelain (seal paste) boxes or brushwashers, and on vases.
Probably this is Qing but not Kangxi. The writig style of the lower three characters differs from that used an period marks. The character style used in the Kangxi reign was practically the standard throughout much of the early and mid-Qing dynasty. The blue color is also a bit too light.


I just wonder what is the role of the double rings one often see surrounding the reign mark? Does the lack of it here simply means a personal preference of the calligrapher or something else?

Regarding the the shape of the foot rim, does a slanted foot rim (found in early Qing dynasty) look like one one can see in the pictures?

I notice there are two brownish rings at the tip end and on the exterior of the foot rim, not sure what the indication of the rings.


First I want to clarify that I'm not at all sure about this bowl, except that it is probably not from the Kangxi reign due to the reason mentioned. The top rim is bent much more outwards than normal.
If with brown ring should be the darker line along the glaze edge, this would need a magnifier. That could be orange, which is normal and is due to iron oxide.
Yes, the foot rim is slightly outward shaped it seems, but I would not call that slanted. A slanted foot rim would have a greater angle. When we talk of a slanted foot rim with plates and dishes then this means an inward angle of the outer face of a foot rim. Whatever this is, it is not a standard shape, but foot rim and glaze look old.


Thanks Peter and Hn. thanks for confirming the shape, I thought it was a bit odd for Kangxi, and the mark itself, so maybe Guangxu period, did they have marks like this in the Guangxu period, I am familiar with the 4 character mark but perhaps they used a lot of Kangxi marks during the Kangxi revival in the Guangxu period.
The repairs on this is the best Ive seen, they used a clear coat after, Im not sure if it was fired or one that is painted on and then drys naturally, I was thinking if it was a fake that it would not have been worth fixing, so too me that only adds to the intrigue as this would have been a very expensive repair.


No Stan, as you said, basically its four character marks.