vase in wanli dynasti

Started by abderrahim, Jun 02, 2019, 20:44:19

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please for this vase the seller asks $ 2000 ???
does he really deserve 2000 ??? thank you


more picture,

diameter: 8 inches
Heights: 14 inches


Hello, unfortunately, with these pictures it is impossible to see certain details, but I in view to the dragon and bottom I would think if it is really antique, it is more likely from the Qing dynasty than from the Ming, Wanli reign.
It is difficult to evaluate, however. A hands-on inspection of the glaze, bottom and interior would be necessary to make sure. Please be aware that a glaze inspection might also find that it is a 20th century fake. I would not buy it unless a hands-on inspection is done first by someone knowledgeable with this period. Actually, the base looks too smooth for that period, in my view.


Thank you so much Peter for your answer.
I have taken note of your advice, I will not buy it unless if someone knowledgeable with this period to make a hands-on inspection.