Armorial plate with grisaille/gilt rim

Started by kdr, May 31, 2019, 23:04:52

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Can this  armorial plate with
- en grisaille/gilt du Paquier-style border
- coat of arms in famille verte colours (and overglaze blue).

be  18th century (Qianlong)? Could it be more specific dated (e.g. 1740-1750)?

Has anybody more information on the coat of arms (region?) and/or the unusual(?) painted crown on the bottom (French ducal crown??)?
The plate was bought in Belgium.


The painting is in excellent condition. Looks as if it never was in actual use. Beautiful piece.
You seem to already know more about armorial porcelain than many. Searching online for the pattern you mention brings this up.
Yes, Qianlong reign, but again you may have more reliable information in Europe about the time it arrived, due to the extant records. There is virtually no information on export porcelain's shipping dates in China available. 
Let's see if there is someone with more information on armorial items.


Thank you Peter for confirming the period.
If there is anybody who can give me any hints on how starting the search for more detailed information, I would appreciate it. I have no idea at this stage where to start.