Late qing ?

Started by konniela, Apr 29, 2019, 20:12:55

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Hello everybody,

I have seen this nice plate (17,5 cm). Colours and painting looks like Tongzhi or Guangxu to me, the mark seems to be Chenghua, but looks a bit strange, so I am not sure.

Thanks for help



Hi Konniela, the colors are right for Guangxu but I have not seen a Chenghgua mark on Guangxu, so may be late Tongzhi after all definitely late Qing.


Yes, your dating is right. Items with this specific decoration often come with an apocryphal Chenghua mark.


Good news, thank you both.

I thought first Tongzhi, but it seems, that probably also pieces exist from Guangxu with Chenghua mark (gotheborg/later chinese porcelain/ming mark), when the information there is right.


There is never a clear distinction between two reigns because even if styles and methods changed, this was a gradual process. You always can expect that something of early Guangxu looks similar as Tongzhi and/or even has a Tongzhi mark. That is why we often say "Tongzhi-Guangxu" or "Jiaqing-Daoguang", because it could be either.