Song/ Yuan Pot/ Vase?

Started by smak, Apr 24, 2019, 21:32:28

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Hi guys!

Need your take on this! It looks to be Yuan but I could be wrong..

When was this made? Whats its for?

Size                  : W 21 ? H 23?cm?

Weight              : 1.69kg


It couldn't possibly be Yuan with this type of bottom. It would have to be Tang or earlier, but I have some doubts because the places without celadon glaze do not look as they usually would from usage, production or being in the soil. Nor are there clear signs of excavation, as is normal with items of that presumed age.
However, this is not in my area of experience and anyone who knows more about this is welcome to comment.


Ah I seee!

Thanks Peterp, as always!