Pair of Porcelain Famille Rose Peach Vases, Marked Jiaqing

Started by tipton444, Mar 28, 2019, 01:06:13

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Hello all,

I have picked up a quite a few Chinese pieces lately, and would love to get people's thoughts.  I found these vases at a consignment shop I sell at, and I've gotten countless treasures from this one lady (some very high end).  At first I thought they were newer but then I took a closer look and saw the great detail in the painting.  Both vases have the same similar design, but they are not exact, which is how they were supposed to be correct?  They were meant to compliment each other with minor differences and not look exactly the same.  The bottoms are marked with the zhuanshu archaic seal for Jiaqing (1796-1820).  I'm guessing that sounds too good to be true, so how old might they be if at all?  The seal also threw me off, do you see a lot of iron red backround seals to bring out the white characters?  Was this hand done you think?  And lastly, from the research I've done (still learning every day), they say a very dirty foot is usually a sign of a modern copy or fake, but in this case could it be actual wear from a base of some sort and could it clean right off?  There is still the white ring in the center of the dirt which is a good sign of normal wear.  Anyways, I'd love to hear what you guys think (Peter and Stan :)).  I will be making a few more posts in the near future as well. 

Thank you very much. -Eric



I would like to know, where do you find out, that this mark says Jiaqing . Do you know the side (chinese an japanese marks) ? 


I did, I used that site.  Is that not correct?  I apologize if that is wrong.  Or maybe it was just a mark often used during that time period and it doesn't actually say Jiaqing.


On this side is a section named later chinese porcelain. Please have a look, you will find there this mark. Jiaqing is not wrong, but ...


Ah, thank you.  Did not see that.  Makes sense, my initial thoughts and feelings were correct, it's mid century 60's or 70's.  I'm obviously still learning, and wanted to check here and make sure it wasn't a copied mark in the beginning of the 20th century.  I definitely didn't pay a lot so thats good.  Thanks


I am still learning also. Dont`t thank me, this little bit I know right now is only possible because of peterp and stan.


I know right, they have been INCREDIBLY helpful with me as well.  Only reason I use this forum! Cheers


Yes, it is a Jiaqing mark, but during that reign such stamped seal marks were not used yet.
Not sure what to make of this, a non-Chinese looking decoration and a Jiaqing mark.

Overall, the vase gives the impression of a Japanese or European product, painting styles, colors, etc., but also the two decorations on the side of the neck do not look Asian at all.


The design looks like they are trying to copy the Tobacco leaf pattern, which is Chinese but this is new in my opinion.


Thanks for all the help guys.  I'll be making another post soon!