large lidded Jar

Started by Stan, Mar 22, 2019, 07:53:25

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Hi Peter, here is a large lidded jar, I would like your opinion on how old you think it is, to me I would think Mid Qing because of the unglazed top, but then it has the Chrysanthemum that look like butterflies, could it be Kangxi? Please let me know what you think, the blue ground color looks like a powder blue, thanks


Here are more photo's thanks for viewing.


An unglazed neck and shoulder is normal for the Qing dynasty. The exception of glazed neck and shoulder on ginger jars appears to be exclusively from the Guangxu reign, but some jars still have an unglazed neck. One more thing, the glazed neck may be mainly appear on export porcelain like this one.

The decoration (peonies resembling butterflies) and a double ring mark also point to Kangxi revival. This jar is proportionally higher than the average ginger jar, but it should still be Guangxu. Note the wavy glaze on the bottom, a feature that is typical for Guangxu (and Qianlong).


Thanks Peter, so Guangxu then, BTW the neck on this one is unglazed, the photo is not very clear, the hight is 35.9 cm high, thanks Peter again for your expertise.