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Started by konniela, Mar 20, 2019, 01:00:55

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Hello again and to all here,

the last days, I spend a lot of time to find out, if this vase can be realy made by the famous Wang bing rong.
I know there are a lot of fakes from his works around and the possibility, to find a real piece is very small.

But to me it looks good enough to present it here




You are right with your doubts, but I cannot help. Just wanted to note that the scales of the dragon were made with criss-cross lines. I doubt that a porcelain sculptor like Wang Bing-ring who is known for fine detail would use this simplified method for his work.


It seems to me, that the decoration on this vase is not detailled enough overall and has too many undecorated parts. On other pieces there are also waves and fishes.

The vase seems to have some age, may be a copie made in republic period.

Thanks once more