Late Qing Vase/ Republic?

Started by smak, Mar 08, 2019, 21:44:04

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Hi all!

Need your input on this Vase?
Late Qing I assume!

When was this made?
16.5" height


Lovely vase.
Looks partially hand painted and partially transfer printed. the glaze a bit to shiny an to pristine. maybe mid 20 century or later?


I agree with Rec also the foot rim looks like they added the dirt to make it look older than it is and the bottom is to pristine to be Kangxi, or late Qing. in my view that would put it 2nd half or later of the 20th century as Rec stated,


I first looked at the photos through my mobile and thought that this vase partially transfer printed but now that I am sitting behind my computer and looking at the pictures, I think it is completely hand painted. but i still think its to pristine to be from late Qing.
let's wait and see what Pieter is going to say