Late Qing 4 claw Dragon Vase (I HAVE DOUBTS!!!)

Started by smak, Mar 08, 2019, 11:16:16

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Hi all,

Again I have doubts on its legitimacy!

Please let me know!

When was this made?


The tip of the dragon's tail may also be an important detail for dating.
A double ring mark is more likely late Qing.  You should provide a close up picture of the bottom area, showing all the spots and blemishes that help with dating.


Thanks Peter!

Heres a picture of the dragons tail. I do think it could be a reproduction..


hi Smak,
Maybe the light effect, but it seems that there are only rust spots on the bottom of the vase. Do you see these rust spots also inside and outside the vase as much as the base?
if you look closely at these rust spots, how deep do they go and what color depth do they have
The tail of the dragon looks good for the period, but let's wait what Peter is going to say