Qing Incense Burner, imperial work? I have doubts..

Started by smak, Mar 06, 2019, 22:37:28

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Hi all,

I am new to imperial works. Mostly stay away in general given that theres tons of forgeries on imperial works.

What are your thoughts on this piece? I have some doubts on this.


Width / 7.605 inch ( 19.5cm )
            8.97 inch ( 23cm )
Height / 6.123 inch ( 15.7cm )
Total Weight / 2260 g


Im not sure that a glaze like this existed or that a bottom was made like this in the Yongzheng period, can you tell if it was turned on a potters wheel or made in an ejection mould.


That is a Lujun glaze. It started to be used in the 18th century, as far as I know. The early ones from the Yongzheng reign do have red specks in the glaze, but I have never seen this type of large specks; thus I cannot comment regarding authenticity. The zhuanti character mark appears often if the mark is impressed. And, this is not necessarily imperial even if it was of the period.
Later Lujun glazes do not have red in the glaze, but this does not mean it could not be authentic. The problem with such glazes, like with monochrome glazes, is that the glaze itself is the only decoration providing no other hints. If you can find someone who can identify the bubbles, if there are any, that would be best.