famille rose plate

Started by konniela, Feb 24, 2019, 01:50:28

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Hello everybody,

I bought this plate and as you can see, it has not survived the transport (so badly packed, incredible).  However, the money is back an the plate is still here.  The foot looks like 19th century. I have seen many famille rose, canton rose and rose medaillon plates but not one with this combination in decoration. It is nice handpainted but I don`t think, that the painting is made in 19th century.

May be an older plate decorated later ?



The plate bottom, people and floral painting point to early 19th century. However, I would have my doubts too regarding the decoration with the pink background. Could still be late Qing dynasty, but possibly not of the same period. Never saw this odd combination before.


The combination is realy odd, I can not find one similar piece. 

Thanks once more