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Started by Mathieu2400, Feb 22, 2019, 18:05:16

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Hello everybody,

I didin't post on the forum since a long time. But my chinese girlfriend went to China recently. And her grandfather gave her some old items.
We have no idea if it's really old, or not so much. So as usual, we wanted to have your opinion.

The first item is this teapot, with its cover.
I tried to take pictures from different angles. But if it's needed, i can take more close up, or more precise pictures.

Thanks in advance for your replies.



I believe this is called a wine pot with lid, and is probably late Guangxu period.


Ok, thanks for the information!
So it is a winepot, i didn't know the name.


It is likely early 20th century judging by the number of holes for the spout, visible inside. 19th century items would usually have one, or sometimes up to three holes, not that many.