4 plates varying ages

Started by hoogenbosch67, Feb 21, 2019, 17:15:48

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Hello Peter Stan, 6 plates whats your opinion

Plate 1 polychrome - Qianlong - famile vert -19th century - diameter 23cm
Plate 2 Blue celadon - late kangxi -early qianlong 18th century - diameter 21,5cm
Plate 3 Blue celadon - late kangxi -early qianlong 18th century - diameter 22cm
Plate 4 Celadon - qianlong 19th century- diameter 22cm

Thankk you and greetings Jan


The fencai dish at the bottom is around early 20th century, either late Qing or republic period, a common type of that period. The mark is ???? (Dingfaxiang-hao), the last character indicating that this is a private mark belonging to a store, workshop or other business.

This is not export porcelain. It is in much better condition than those seen in the Far East, probably because these here were in actual use for a long time.


Not sure why you call one plate having celadon, apart from the polychrome one I can see only three blue and whites. Yes, the two with floral decoration should be Kangxi. As with the third (shown on top), can you upload a picture that shows the foot rim at an angle, so that its shape is clearly visible?  Is it slanted. I can only seethe that it (the foot rim) is glazed and of another type than the other two.


Hello Peter, Stan,

Thanks everytime for your interesting input.

I thought plate 4 was celadon because its more gray looking like celadon vases.

I added 3 photos of plate 4

Greetings Jan


Does not look slanted to me. In this case it is probably a 19th century item copying 18th century  decorations.