Ming Dynasty Cup

Started by smak, Feb 08, 2019, 00:51:54

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Hi All,

Is this a Ming dynasty cup?


This looks like items I have seen from the Hoi An Hoard shipwreck, if so it would be over 500 years old, my only question is the bottom dose not look like a Ming bottom, the bottom foot should be hollow all the way to the cup not flat.


Do i see good, is there two different colour of blue used? 
the color of the footrim and the foot is also  quiestionable


Yes, looks Vietnamese. Usually their blue white porcelain has decorations corresponding somewhat to Yuan and Ming decorations, and is from a time equalling the Ming dynasty period in China.
Many vietnames bowls and other items have a thick brown color painted on the bottom.

The similarity in designs of some Vietnamese and Chinese porcelains seems to find its cause by many porcelain craftsmen/painters having emigrated to SE Asia/Vietnam by that time; possibly due to the Ming bans which made export difficult, resulting in livelihood problems for the potters and kiln workers.

For an overview of Vietnamese decorations look for the "canalblog" site by searching for "Vietnamese blue white porcelain". This site is specialized on displaying items from top auctions, including shipwreck items.


To Rec: this is a blackish type of pigment probably mined locally.

I would like to emphasize that I am unable to tell if this is authentic or a copy. I do not know whether any Vietnamese porcelain is being faked, although fake Chinese porcelain is apparently being sold in Vietnam. Them  Vietnamese porcelain I have seen is usually not this yellow, and shows age signs as usual.


Ah Peterp,

Thanks for the input. I was planning to put a bid on this item, but the bottom is really questionable to me which is why I reached out. Like you said earlier, it is supposed to be hallow, and does bear the Ming dynasty design. Just the bottom threw me off. Color looks a bit off, and does look like shipwreck item, given the glaze is gone.