Plate with plants

Started by dn1219, Mar 21, 2019, 04:29:42

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Dear  all,

Please can you indicate the age of the plate and place of origin.
The design comes up in a lot of variation, but no idea of the period.
The colour is light gray and the mark looks like an unknown workshop.
Diameter 14cm, height 3cm.
Many thanks in advance.


This is about mid-Qing dynasty, made at Dehua kiln in Fujian province as the low foot rim and typical two character mark confirm. The blue pigment is almost black. I believe it depicts orchids. This is domestic porcelain.


Dear Peter,

thanks a lot for the precise answer.


I need to change dating, after looking at some of my own and comparing them. The are probably rather early Qing dynasty, possibly Shunzhi reign.