Qing Vase imperial mark #1

Started by smak, Mar 07, 2019, 10:42:06

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Hi All,

I am very new with imperial marks. And stayed away from it because of the massive amounts of forgeries out there.

But need your help with this piece.

When was this made?


Sorrry Guys,

Need help moving this to the porcelain section! Mistakes were made!


They did have marks like this one in the Kangxi period but this is much later, late 20th century in my opinion.


The floral patterns are not connected. The black outlines are transferred/printed. Only some of the colors seem to be handpainted.


Hey guys!

Just a quick question! For imperial wares, there should never be any imperfections correct?

Like the florals, the coloring of it should never be outside the florals correct?

Might be easier for me to tell if its a forgery or not next time!

Like the picture I've attached, thats what I meant by poor coloring. Usually imperial works would be perfect and  unlike this correct?


Yes Smak, you are correct, Imperial Porcelain would be painted inside  the lines, but so is some of the newly painted porcelain, it to is painted just as good, so you can't depend on one thing there are many factors like the foot rim, the mark the density of the porcelain, the colors and painted subjects and bubbles in the ground / glaze, age signs, and if all Factors line up then you have a good chance that it is authentic.



I seee! THANK YOU so much Stan! Still learning! Will need your help in the future!