Ming? Qing Dynasty porcelain brush washer? Unknown maker's mark

Started by smak, Jan 04, 2019, 06:49:31

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Hi all,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Need help with this piece.

When was this made?
Who is the maker?
What it really?


There is a Kangxi mark reading ????, cannot find another similar one. I do not think it is Kangxi, though; possibly later in the Qing dynasty? The mark characters may be an error.
Yes, this would be a brush washer.


Thanks Peterp!!

Are character errors common?
From the looks of the vase, around  how old do you think this is? Ball parking it?

Also Happy New Year!


Mid to late Qing. It is not always easy to tell more accurately, especially with domestic use porcelain.


Thanks a lot Peterp!

Really appreciated it!

Thoughts on this vase?