I can?t upload images

Started by Nico, Dec 24, 2018, 01:53:14

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Hi there,

I?ve been trying to upload images for 2 hours! Initially the file sizes we?re too big. So I downloaded 3 image resizing tools and eventually managed to get the image under 200kb but now it says it won?t accept a .jpeg file only a .jpg file!

Any tips? I?m on an iPad.


Hello Nico,

when you have a program like windows paint, you can chance there the file type and you can make files smaler. May be there are more programs, but I only use windows paint for that.


Just rename .jpeg to .jpg and this should be resolved.
(The original convention of file names since decades ago was 8+3, that is eight characters for the file name, and three for the extension. Longer file names can be read by today's computer systems, but the file extension is normally still only three characters.)



Thanks for the advice. I know how to do that on a PC or laptop but I can?t seem to do it on the iPad, which is all I have at the moment.

Will try again.