Plate with birds

Started by konniela, Dec 22, 2018, 18:08:57

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Hello everybody,

to me this plate looks like made in Yongzheng or Qianlong, but I am not sure, if it is redecorated.

Also it is badly hidden, I am interested 


one more photo

Thanks to all


The rim looks as if it was unfinished. Is it just thin gray lines or incised (sgraffito)?  Did you try with a rubber if the lines can be erased? If yes, then it would be unfired.


The plate is still in the store, where I have seen it. I can enlarge the photos and it looks more like thin gray lines.


The foot rim and the kiln grit let me think this an old blank plate is that later is redecorated


In that case the lines may be likely the design before the enamel was added. Either this is being repainted/over-painted, or the plate never has been finished.
If gilt was going to be added, then this plate would have been fired twice to the current state, and should be once more firingafter applying the gilt, at a lower temperature. Obviously this did not happen.


I thought the whole time, that there is something wrong with this rim, but I never comes to the idea, that it was not finished, may be.

Very curious. The plate is here in my city nearby, I will have an eye on it, but it must become cheaper, right now, the price is to high for a damaged and curious plate. 

Thanks again