Republic & Manchurian FLAG Porcelain vase with GuangXu Mark

Started by smak, Dec 19, 2018, 12:22:06

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Why is this painted with Republic flags and GuangXu Mark?


Hi, I cannot identify the decoration. Flags appear on Japanese porcelain, but I never saw one on traditional Chinese porcelain. The cyclical date given would correspond to 1973, or 60 years earlier, but I doubt this. The shape is not traditional, the glaze looks brand new. I  think it would be difficult to find a stamped Guangxu character mark that is authentic. During that reign they were mostly handwritten.
Probably late 20th or 21st century. My personal view.


Thanks Peterp!

I found the flags and thats why I thought it might be early Republic.

Let me know your thoughts!


Not antique, and may have nothing to do with historical events.


The red 4 character mark on the bottom would have been hand painted during the early republic, not stamped.


Makes sense!

Thanks again Stan!,4480.0.htmlv

Thoughts on that?