Small Plate w/ Character Marks

Started by tipton444, Dec 18, 2018, 02:00:47

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This is another piece from an estate collection.  I'm wondering if it is old or not, and what the markings say.  Thanks


I'm not sure but it could be "Dai Min Sei Ka Nen Sei" mark, a mark often found on antique Japanese porcelain according to the modern japanese pottery marks.
I am not sure whether this information also applies to this board. Let's wait to hear from Stan or Peter


Great, thank you very much for the help Rec!  So they are all Japanese then, I guess that makes sense with the darker shades of blue underglaze. 


The mark is a Chenghua mark, Rec is right it is Japanese Imari this mark was used mostly on old Japanese ware but in this case this is 20th century.


Thank you both!  I need to read a few more books on Chinese porcelain, if you guys have any recommendations on good starting material let me know!