Kangxi jar

Started by konniela, Dec 17, 2018, 04:19:17

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I spend some time the last days, to find out more on this little jar (16 cm), also I thought first, it is only a new reproduction.
But on a second view and looking around, I think, it can be realy from kangxi.
I have never seen a crackled piece from kangxi before, but it looks not new produced to me.

I am realy not sure, but can it be kangxi ?





I have never seen such crackling on Kangxi wares either. The blue pigment used and shape makes it unlikely from that period too. In my view this might be from the late Qing dynasty, Guangu reign or later.

Please keep in mind that private kilns were not allowed  to use the reign mark in in the later part of the reign, which in return reduces the chance of encountering such a reign mark on real Kangxi porcelain.