I want to share this unusual antique shaped vase

Started by hoogenbosch67, Dec 09, 2018, 21:43:49

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Normally I post only objects I have here at home but here is one very unusual shaped vase with reasonable agemarks I want to share here. Probably I will buy this one next week here at a local auction. Please let me know your opinion. height around 35-40cm width around 15cm and length arpound 12cm.

Greetings Jan


Hello. I'm not at all a china expert. I mean really. The shape is very strange there are no facial features in the figures. Foot looks odd too. If you are buying then the price is the only criteria. $10 means buy and +$50 means run away. That's for me it. Its not ugly at all, in fact I like it. Best wishes


Hi Jan, such double vases are not that rare, but possibly were not exported much. The decoration is also in a style that is more common in domestic wares. Often domestic use porcelain has a less sophisticated decoration. That is also one of the reasons for the facial features.
To David- - although this is not Ming, the faces/people shown use a late Ming decoration style. Small people, especially when depicted from the side,  may have blank faces, not even eyes being shown. But if larger and shown from the front, late Ming style faces usually have painted the face contour and two small dots for the eyes, only...

This looks as if it is 19th century, domestic porcelain.


I have found that unusual shapes like this tend to be more collectable to the Chinese buyers.
I have a question is the decoration on one side only or both sides, the one side left blank seemed to be a late Qing feature.