Chinese Kangxi Imari or English Imari?

Started by Rajet, Dec 05, 2018, 05:44:07

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Greetings!  I'm glad to have found my way back!  I would appreciate the group's input on this plate (I have four of them) as I am finding conflicting information.  Are these Chinese Imari from the Kangxi period or English Imari?  They appear older than the English Imari I'm finding.  Does the double ring imply Kangxi?  What about the medallion?  Thank you!


The foot rim appears to be correct for Chinese Kangxi Imari at a slant on the outside, right?


Not Chinese. The elevated interior of the bottom is nothing Chinese, and the decoration also not. I do not know if this could be English, though.


Thank you, Peter!  Exactly what I needed to know.