Qianlong celadon plate or older?

Started by hoogenbosch67, Nov 30, 2018, 06:03:55

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Whats your opinion on this large plate (28,5cm)


This is Japanese and the foot looks like a 20th century foot to me.


I believe this plate is a 19 century Japanese plate.


Hi rec the foot rim looks straight up to me on the outside of the foot, this should be slanted if 19th century.


I can't tell from the picture of the foot. This is however and as previously mentioned. Japan, Arita, blue on white, scalloped. Spur marks mostly used in Edo I believe but if its thought by others it would be late Edo and stretching into Meiji.. I reckon more than 150 years easily. I'm probably wrong but never mind.


Hi David, without the typical 3 to 4 blue rings on the bottom I can't say that it is Arita, also I think a hands on inspection is needed to inspect the blue color for rust spots, from what I can see there isn't any but that dose not mean they are not their, it could be from the Mino region as well, there should be scratches or signs of use also I would like to point out that the Japanese used stilts also in the Meiji and later kilns, to me the foot puts this at a later period.


Hello Stan.
Yeah that's good reasoning. I will learn from it. The blue rings are missing that's true and the spur marks are very ordered. Best wishes