Arita plate / dish Edo 18th C and about 1750 therefore

Started by DavidC, Nov 24, 2018, 06:38:27

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Hello All
Just thought you may be able to help me out. The plate looks good ""C 1750"" (not sure about that),  but I'm really worried its not of that age and is in reality tipping 1850 to 1900. I'm a little lost. Help please. Many thanks everyone. D


Hello Peter and thanks for that. Indeed it is a Fuku mark. I don't think that helps me tie the piece down to a "circa", type date since this mark appears throughout time seemingly. I have to judge the piece as it is without the mark fuzzing my opinion. I have it between 1800 and 1868 (V.late Edo), for safety although it would be marvellous if you or someone could tell me it dates between 1750 and 1799. That would be great but as I said I'm not good enough to tell.
Best wishes everyone. D


I read, that this fuku mark with the spiral is named uzu-fuku and that it was used in mid edo, but I can not say if it was only used in that time.


Thanks Konniela for the info.
If this mark is good / true then I read the piece as being typically, Imari over the middle of the 18th century (C1750) and is known as KO-IMARI or old Imari. I'm a bit lost as this sort of patterned / shaped, plate / dish has been seen
"I believe" upto and crossing over to Meiji period so for me this is difficult to date.


Hi David, to me the bottom looks to good for 18th century, I would put this at a later date without a hands on in section to see the density of the porcelain and the rust spots in the blue, I would say late Edo or early Meije.
BTW the fuku mark seen here was used also the Meiji and later periods and is still being used today.