Seashell plate with shop mark, export porcelain?

Started by Rec, Nov 13, 2018, 22:56:25

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Hi guys,
Could you please help me with these seashell type plates? Could be these kangxi period export porcelain ?
Thanks again and greetings


I do not think these are Kangxi the foot and high shine leads me to think 20th century, the mark is hard to see, looks like a Fuku mark that you would see on Japanese porcelain, I would think these are Japanese, let's wait to see what others think, one other thing is the single blue circle on the bottom is something you see often on Seto ware, and it is hard to make out but it looks like a Chrysanthemum flower which is another point making me think Japanese.


Hi Stan,
Here are some new pics, hopefully this makes its easier to recognize


Thanks for the additional photo's, the mark is illegible, but I am still leaning towards Japanese.


Japanese, and it seems indeed to be a Fuku mark, as Stan says.


I am not familiar with the mark but the painting style reminds me of Seto porcelain.