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Started by konniela, Nov 01, 2018, 02:01:19

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Hello everybody,

I would like to know, if it was a mistake to let this vase peacefully go. I had to decide quickly and was not sure. Afterwards I think, that this vase can be made around 1940.

I am ready for (maybe) sad truth

Thanks to all



Excellent painting. There is  cyclical year in the black writing that seems to be corresponding to 1935 or 1995. The painter mentioned is Wang Da-fan (???), one of the 'Eight friends of Zhushan'. If it was 1935 it could be possible, but ... he was a famous porcelain painter of the late Qing dynasty and republic period.

An item made by him might be valued in the hundred thousands of USD. But, as always, copies and fakes abound.
I cannot help you, this would need an examination of writing style, seal, mark, and painting style, which needs someone specialized. As far as I know chances of finding a real work of his are remote.

Here is a link to the Jingdezhen website showing his writing, seal and painting style -


Thanks for your detailed informations. I looked around and I found a lot of pieces of this famous painter, some high priced but also low priced and I think, that there are many copies between.  However, if copie or not, it is gone, but I could learn a lot one more time. 


Hello everybody

after more searching with the informations, that I could get from peterp, I can say, that this vase is not made from the famous porcelain painter Wang Da-fan. I found three more vases, very similar to this one here -surprisingly all in Germany- and one was at an good auction house here in 2014 and they described it as made in the style of Wang Da-fan, but not made by him ! 

May be, someone is interested.