Blue and White Dish

Started by Holger, Oct 30, 2018, 21:29:50

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it would be great if you could share your opinion about this dish.

What is the possible age? There are a lot of marks on the back around the central area. What are these?



Not sure, but this looks a bit off the standard, especially the people, but also the rim decoration underneath. If this was 18th century, it should not have these firing faults. A hands-on examination is recommended to verify if this is authentic or not.



So it is either an unusual second-rate piece from the 18th century or a modern reproduction?

I had found this dish online for sale so a closer examination it is not possible right now.

Well the seller has not mentioned a date either so I guess this would be quite a crapshoot.

Not sure if I am willing to take that risk unless it would be a lower price in the double-digit range (which is not the case here).


As I said, it would be best to do a hands-on inspection because sometimes pictures are not enough to make sure if there are problems. We need to check details that can require a magnifier or checking the weight, occasionally. I would advise not buy it.