Bell shaped famille rose eggshell cup

Started by Rec, Oct 20, 2018, 19:57:52

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I have a pair of this beautifully decorated eggshell famille rose cups and I belive / hoop these are genunie pieces from early 18 century.
What do you think?


what makes you think these are modern?


The painting looks pretty crude almost like it was done by a child, not like antique porcelain, that is just my opinion, it almost looks like it could be Chinoiserie.


Hi Stan,
I found these 2 cups in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam which are dated between 1725 -1745 and the 1750-1774. I don't know how to spot the painting differences between different periodes but in mine not-so-well-traind-eyes look the paintingstyle of this cups pretty same as the mine. But hey I 'm an amature  and have to learn much stuff 
Could you please help me to understand which part of the painting makes you think it could be painted by a child?


Hi, it is difficult to pinpoint what feels wrong with your cup. As an example I would mention the black contour lines in your first picture, showing an enlargement. The lines give the impression of being printed (or transfer printed). They are uniformly black.
In comparison, if you look close up at the enlarged contours of porcelain painted in the Qianlong reign you will clearly see that the contours of people are painted with a brush. The width of the contour lines is not uniform, and the blackness is decreasing towards the end of brush strokes, as the color gets thinner.
I would leave it alone.


Iunderstand now better what is wrong with this cups.
thank you very much Peter, very informatief